Encounter Books was created in the late 1990's as the "publishing arm" of the ultra-right-wing Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which invested $3.5 million in the start-up. (Nation magazine, 11/22/99). The Milwaukee Business Journal made the announcement like this: "The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation has started Encounter Books to publish serious non-fiction and educational books." [May 7, 1998]

Bradley has given Encounter large annual subsidies since then--$1,150,000 in 2003, according to Bradley's website.

In addition to the hit-piece on Hillary Clinton (The Hillary Trap), Encounter Books has published books attacking Noam Chomsky and Al Gore. Encounter’s catalog currently features books attacking "the child care establishment," political correctness, Mexican immigration to California, and racial diversity. It also features books praising the war in Iraq, genetic engineering, school vouchers, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Bradley Foundation is the nation's largest and most influential right-wing foundation with a history that includes early funding for the John Birch Society and financial backing for most major right-wing causes in recent decades, according to Media Transparency (http://www.mediatransparency.org/funders/bradley_foundation.htm)

Encounter Books isn't the Bradley Foundation's first foray into publishing. Bradley directly funded David Brock's hit-piece on Anita Hill which smeared her as "a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty." (Milwaukee Shepherd-Express, 7/12/01) Bradley also provided much of the big money that was behind the sustained attacks on Bill Clinton including Whitewater and Paula Jones.

From 1989 to 1999, Bradley Foundation gave $3.79 million to David Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture. Horowitz is the outspoken left-wing turncoat, once editor of Ramparts Magazine, who defected to the extreme right in the 1970's and has made a reputation as the right wing's pit bull attacking Democrats, liberals, peace advocates and progressives at every opportunity. Horowitz's magazines Heterodoxy and Front Page have published articles by Kate Coleman attacking the Black Panthers. Horowitz is also the co-author with Peter Collier, who is now publisher of Encounter Books, of a series of adulatory biographies of rich people, including the Rockefellers, Kennedys, and Fords. Horowitz and Collier also collaborated on a book attacking the 1960's student movement as the "Destructive Generation."

It’s yet another tribute to the memory of Judi Bari that these right-wing hirelings have recognized that she is important enough to merit one of their slimy attacks.